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Since 1990, I have designed and conducted hundreds of courses for senior executives and their teams in several global Fortune 200 companies and startups. I have worked with my clients in the areas of Transformational Leadership, wise leadership, Creativity and innovation, executive presence, personal leadership, End-to-End innovation, Thinking Outside the Box, Entrepreneurial mindset, Reflective Mindset and Personal Mastery.

We offer 1 to 5 day courses for executives and their teams on wise leadership and Ignite the Genius Within themselves and their organization.

Given below are descriptions of some courses we have offered in past:

Igniting the Genius Series (view brochure):

  • Reinvesting in Yourself: Clarify Your Essence, Purpose and Goals This session gives our unique framework for igniting your natural genius and help you clarify your long-term goals and identify your “core incompetence.”
  • Unleashing Leadership: Tap into Your Authentic Gifts How do you unleash your hidden strengths and talents and identify where you are prevented from excelling? This session is designed to increase your effectiveness at work and home.
  • Igniting Passion and Commitment: Unblock Your Energy and Intrinsic Motivation How do you tap into your intrinsic motivation and passion to commit, focus and produce outstanding results? This session helps you to discover Energy Management techniques and learn to enjoy what you do.
  • Harvesting Creativity: Stretch Beyond Your Boundaries and Succeed How do you harvest your personal creativity in your work and life? It is not a creativity workshop but the one in which you see what stops your creativity from producing results in your life. You go away with expanded thinking capability, ability to reflect and learn on where you are and what you want to be next.

Transformational Leadership - Indian School of Business ( view brochure) (get the updated brochure)

Innovation DNA (ISB Brochure)

  • Tapping into your personal DNA: For most senior executives in large organisations and CEO’s of medium sized enterprises, the day to day operational challenges are immense and can often be overwhelming. In the middle of growing complexity and increasing pressures from all directions, you have to set clear strategic direction (for your organisations and yourself), evoke passion and commitment in people who work for you, and learn how to harvest creativity into innovative products and services for the organisation to sustain and grow competitively in the long run.

If you want to organize an Excutive Development Course for your organization, please contact us.

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Working with Prasad changed the way I think. The personal development Pyramid provided me with a new way of ordering ideas. It allowed me to gain a much better understanding of my own goals and how I might achieve them.

Terrence Black, Managing Director,
BAE Capital, UK