CEO Advice and Coaching:

One-on-one sessions with CEOs/CXOs and board members in the area of strategic thinking, effective decision making and personal mastery. We focus on executive mindsets and leadership behavior and help them to be effective (instead of just being efficient – operational focus), innovative and successful. Our confidence comes from our experience and frameworks: We have worked with over 110 CEOs and CXOs (from Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial startups) in past 15 years and assisted them in igniting their natural genius and produce unexpected insights, come up with meaningful decisions and find their next significant step (and take it). More >>

Innovation and Business Transformation:

We help our clients to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that impact the top-line growth. In addition, we map the organization DNA to identify how it is wired together and assist our clients to bridge the ‘opportunity gaps’ and bring a transformational approach to business. More >>

Executive Development Courses:

We offer courses (sometimes in partnership with executive education divisions of top business schools) in the areas of Transformational Leadership, Innovation, Igniting the Genius within Executive Teams, and Personal Mastery. More >>

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Working with Prasad changed the way I think. The personal development Pyramid provided me with a new way of ordering ideas. It allowed me to gain a much better understanding of my own goals and how I might achieve them.

Terrence Black, Managing Director,
BAE Capital, UK