CEO Advice and Coaching

Here are some real-life scenarios from our client engagements that outline the issues that the CEOs faced for which they needed an advisor or a coach:

  • Coached CEO of a technology company to resolve differences with the founder/ Chairman, hire executive team members, reduce quality issues by about 50 per cent, and successfully complete a merger with a software company.
  • Coached a new CEO of a small biotech company to work effectively with his management team and over time coached the executive team to function effectively and innovatively. The company grew over 70% in the three year period while increasing its productivity and profitability.
  • Coached board members of a public company to agree on a new CEO for their overseas division who increased their revenues by 200%. Also coached the board member and a CEO who stepped down to stay on the board and continue his relationship with other board members.
  • Coached a senior executive who was about to leave a large European company to reexamine his career options as he considered moving into the political arena. He is currently the managing director of a large division of that company.
  • Worked with a senior executive who was asked to look at the failure of his automotive company‚Äôs operations in a large Asian company and explore how to successfully enter another large Asian country. Coached him to reflect honestly on the lessons from one country and come up with a strategic plan to ensure the success of new division started in the second Asian country.
  • Assisted a senior vice president to strategize and create a workable plan to introduce new technology and products into the market place. That plan, and team coaching that followed, helped that company enter a new market place and set new standards. The intervention saved the company from writing off the $400 million purchase and $27 million loss in the previous quarter a loss.
  • Coached the founder of a public company who returned to the company he founded as the CEO for the second time. During the first several months, the client recognized that his passion and aspirations do not match the needs of the company. I assisted him in finding a replacement CEO for him and negotiate with other board members to step down from the CEO and Chairman role. In the following 12 months, the new CEO helped the stock price to triple and revenues to go up 150%.
  • Advised a cofounder of a software services public company in working with his co-founders, choosing a new CEO for the overseas division and working as a bridge between the new CEO, co-founder and the other board members of the company. During my coaching years, the company revenues quadrupled in 9 years.

In addition, I have worked with CEOs who are looking at succession, legacy and next stage of their life issues. I have coached executives in terms of bringing balance and meaning in their lives. Finally, I have coached a number of senior executives who have high IQ and issues with EQ - in developing soft skills like communication, personal leadership, and influencing and negotiation skills.

If you are interested in getting more information about how we can assist you to find your next significant step, please contact me.

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Working with Prasad changed the way I think. The personal development Pyramid provided me with a new way of ordering ideas. It allowed me to gain a much better understanding of my own goals and how I might achieve them.

Terrence Black, Managing Director,
BAE Capital, UK