Innovation and Business Transformation 

In a fast changing market, a cost-cutting, efficiency based approach can take a company one so far. Instead, more companies are realizing that Innovation is inevitable for survival and growth. And every innovation transforms a company in new ways.

How to Innovate and how to make the ensuing transformation work for the company are two of the most important questions every organization faces today. Prasad has helped several organizations not only innovate but also to smoothly transform such that the full benefit of the innovation is achieved.

At Kaipa Group, we believe that Innovation is not something a company can outsource or get ready made from a consultant. Innovation is an inside-out process that every organization has to do through its own people. Also, Innovation is a discontinuous process which is not a result of small, incremental improvements. It requires an organization to move outside their comfort zone and move deeper into their organizational DNA where they can tap into the collective genius of the organization. To do this, Prasad helps map the organizational DNA and then helps its executives and employees align their personal goals with that of the organization.

Prasad then helps individuals and teams to find their energy triggers and energy drains so that not only the company begins to generate fresh and more powerful energy but also stops draining energy into activities that seem to be important when looked from within the comfort zone. 

By mapping the DNA of an organization, by aligning individual and organizational goals and by identifying energy triggers and energy drains, Prasad creates the necessary conditions and space in a company to: gain tremendous clarity of their challenges, convert knowledge into insights, and create synergy within and among teams leading to successful innovation and business transformation.

If your company is facing new market challenges and you are interested in Innovation, please contact us.

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Working with Prasad changed the way I think. The personal development Pyramid provided me with a new way of ordering ideas. It allowed me to gain a much better understanding of my own goals and how I might achieve them.

Terrence Black, Managing Director,
BAE Capital, UK